My Laptop Computer LCD Screen got broken while my kids were doing homework on it. I called a lot of computer repair shops in the Chicago area getting prices, but the companies were charging an arm and a leg, plus a long wait to get my computer fixed and back in  my hands. I finally came across City PC Source and got the price I was hoping for and got my computer fixed in a reasonable amount of time.

Jessica D, Model

Mr Williams caught a virus on his desktop Computer that shut his PC down, the FBI virus got on his Computer and informed him that he had did something illegal online and had to pay a fine, by purchasing a green dot reload pack from walgreens or go to jail. He went to walgreens and notice other people were there purchasing green dot reload packs for the same purpose, after putting two and two together. He realized that he was being scammed by a virus. On his way home he saw one of City PC Repair mobile vehicles and called, setup an appointment right away and got his computer cleaned for a reasonable price.

Del Williams, Singer/Song Writer

I got a message on my laptop computer that read: your computer is infected with a virus, with a message at the bottom of the screen: saying that it was from Microsoft with a 1 800 number, i called the number., The person that answered the phone had an Indian accent and told me I had a virus on my computer. He said and I quote: I will cost 99.99 dollars to remove the virus. I got suspicious when he told me not the unplug or turn off my computer. I googled Computer Repair Chicago near me, and City PC Source came up, I called them and they let me know they were familiar with what I was experiencing gave me a good deal to factory reset my laptop and put some free virus protection on my computer and I have not had any issues since. Thank you City PC!

Chandra Vancova, Designer